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Cloud computing is changing how people interact with information and knowledge, how developers build applications, and how companies organize and collect data both on and offline. Today, a developer with a great idea has access to the same infrastructure as a Fortune 500 company, and is capable of creating, deploying, and selling a solution that will rival global technology companies.

Although Amazon was the distinct pioneer in this area (and continues to innovate and expand), many other companies have entered the Cloud Computing frontier, such as Microsoft, Google. What we see today is the birth of the next chapter in IT, where boundless technological resources are available on-demand to whoever needs them.

Changing the very shape of modern computing and the Internet itself, Cloud Computing is a relatively new technology that can be defined in a number of different ways. At its core, however, it just means “running your applications on a computer infrastructure other than your own”. Computing in the Cloud makes many different solutions available to you. Both the tasks and the methods used to achieve them can be quite varied. You might need full infrastructure or perhaps just a back-end where you can build your application – or maybe you just need one narrowly focused service.

EducaNube is the right place to learn and test your Cloud Computing skills. From the very beginning, we imagined Cloud Academy as a platform-neutral resource to help you master concepts and build your knowledge base.

EducaNube is designed to help you learn to administrate Cloud Computing environments. We have a complete, end-to-end solution covering Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Azure and others. Our content helps you confidently manage Cloud-based resources through their full life cycles.

Through our use of learning materials across multiple streams (video courses, interactive quizzes, dedicated learning paths, and hands-on laboratories), and focus on all the major Cloud platforms, we are one of the most comprehensive Cloud training sites around.


In partnership with CBCenter for classroom education

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